Personal Training is perfect for anyone from fitness beginners to the more advanced event training. It allows you to train with experts who are knowledgeable in the science behind exercise to ensure your training is effective and to help you understand why it is so beneficial. It ensures that you learn correct exercise techniques to prevent injury and also gives you more training ideas and knowledge about the different training types. In addition, it allows you to aim for short, medium and long term SMART goals to keep you on track and keep you consistently progressing throughout your fitness journey, gaining constant support and expert advice with all things fitness in the process! 

How does it work?

  • Contact via email and we will respond within 24 hours!

  • From there we will chat about what you are looking to gain from these sessions.

  • You will then be booked in for a FREE 30 minute client consultation, allowing us to establish your SMART goals, learn a bit more about you and show you how we work.

  • I will then book in your first session. The main focus of this session is for us to establish your ability and fitness levels.

  • From then on each session will be planned specifically for you with continual progression, taking into account your SMART goals.

  • You will receive your first Home Workouts Online Programme for FREE which you can follow outside of your personal training sessions to further aid your progression.

  • We will also give you some nutritional advice to ensure your diet supports your training.


Online programmes are great for those who may not be able to afford personal training sessions or those who are more clued up about fitness but would still benefit from following a programme to ensure they are doing everything they can to meet their goal. 


  • The programmes include an overview of your goals and aims, 3 written sessions per week for 4 weeks with constant progression, including different exercises, descriptions of the exercises, photos of the exercises, reps, sets and weights. 

  • We write both 4 and 8 week bespoke programmes specifically to meet your fitness goals.

  • We also have more generic 4 week programmes focusing on certain muscles groups and fitness areas including fat loss, weight loss, abs, glutes, building muscle mass & increasing strength and mobility & flexibility.

How Does It Work?

  • Contact us with your specific needs and interests or for the more generic programmes simply book on the website.

  • From there I will contact you to gain all the necessary information to write your programme. 

  • Once I have received confirmation of the payment your programme will be emailed to you.

  • Please contact us 2 weeks before your programme is due to finish if you would like another one!

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